Family Info

At Calvary Chapel Fayetteville we take your information privacy very important. You/your family’s information will not be shared with anyone or any other church or organization. Furthermore, your information will only be before the Elders and Church leadership of CC|FAY. We respect your right not to divulge your personal information and understand that you may desire to opt out of our Church Directory/Family Information Page.

By checking this box you agree and give consent to Calvary Chapel of Fayetteville to publish video recordings and live stream to our social media, visual, and videographing outlets that may include your children and/or family members. CCFAY will often use video recordings and live stream to promote our services, and highlight our activities. If you do not consent to have your child(ren) be recorded in any of these outlets we respect your decision and will not publish such a recording. Please note that on Sunday’s where a Children's Devotion Service is being delivered all Children that are near or under the pulpit will be recorded. If you do not want your child recorded or live streamed please keep your child back from the stage for our Children's Devotion Service.